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We have all you need for successful Webdesign! The 1Archive.com contains world's top free- and shareware and can be used for personal website design or desktop enhancements. In the near future we'll add more categories with graphics, musics, tools, javascripts, screensavers etc. We always search the web for the best freebies for you, we like to do this work. We have to thank all the excellent free- and shareware authors mentioned in this archive, we respect and enjoy their work. We ask our visitors to respect each authors' terms of usage.

Currently we have 30 MB freebies in our archive:
65 Java Applets - wonderful effects for your webpage.
320 Fonts - excellent for letters or your website design.
35 Java Games - for your personal enjoyment.

Top Freebies of the month:

Free Java Applet of the month: Anfy Fade
Click to view the applet
Author: Fabio Ciucci
Description: Enjoy this high quality freeware slideshow on your homepage. (59k)

Free Game of the month: Gopher Bash
Click to play the game
Author: Pat Friedl
Description: A very funny and quick game.
Size: 71k

Free Font of the month: Qarats
Click to download the font
Author: Alltype
Size: 18k

Our Awards:

We award the most outstanding java applets and games with Gold, Silver and Bronze awards. Of course all freebies are compared with the best other stuff available. Cool award and Fun award are bonus awards for cool or funny freebies.

Gold AwardSilver AwardBronze Award
Cool AwardFun Award


Free Stuff in this archive means, as in all other free archives, the personal non-commercial use of a 'freebie' is allowed. The rights of the freeware are still owned by the author. Some authors want to be mentioned, if you use their freebie. We recommend that you mention the author in each case, because it's only because of the courtesy of the authors that everyone can enjoy the work. The commercial use is not allowed in most cases! Please notice, that the 1Archive.com can't allow you the special use of a freebie. Therefore you have to contact the responsible authors.

Dear game developers:

If you've made a good java game that's not included here, please mail us! If you also know other top free games around the world that we've forgotten here, please mail us the URL! We want to include more good games! Contact us.

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