A) General Questions:

How can I handle a downloaded zip archive?

One possibility is to use Winzip to unzip a zip archive. The zip file normally includes the necessary files and copyright notes from the author.

The java game or applet doesn't start.. Why?

Make sure, that you've turned on your Java Interpreter in the preferences of your browser (it's turned on by default). Sometimes it also takes one or two minutes until all java modules are loaded, please be patient. All applets were successfully tested on a Win 98 PC with Netscape 4.6 and IE 5.0 without bigger problems. A small error in some Netscape 3.x and 4.x versions is responsible for the error message 'java.lang.NullPointerException', if a file doesn't exist. Please reload your Netscape browser in this case or try the IE 5.0. Don't use multiple browser windows with different java applets at the same time. This may result in a system crash, the IE 5.0 is more reliable than Netscape 4.6 at this point of time. This will hopefully change in the future with a new Netscape version. We'll inform you.

B) Java Questions:

How can I install the script on my homepage?

After you downloaded and unzipped the package, start the demo page and read the instructions or view the HTML source and copy the code on your page to test the settings.

I always see "Applet can't start: class ... not found" in my browser's status line?

This can mean one of two things:
The .class file(s) are not named correctly. Java is case-sensitive, so be sure to follow precise capitalization or
The .class file(s) are not in the correct directory. They should be located in the path indicated in the CODEBASE= portion of the <APPLET> tag, or the directory of your HTML document if no CODEBASE= is specified.
To further enable you to locate the problem, you may start the Java console (under MSIE or NS). If you're using Netscape, you'll find it under the Communicator item in the Netscape menu (Java Console). The Java Console will give you more details than the status bar, and may help you find out why the applet will not run. Often, it will show you that the applet depends on more than one class file, and you'll need to upload that class file to your server as well.

C) Font Questions:

How can I install a font on my Windows system?

First you have to download and unzip the font package in any directory. The result contains always a .ttf file. (ttf = true type font). In Windows 95B and Windows 98 it's enough to copy the file into your C:\Windows\Fonts\ directory. In best case the font is active immediately, sometimes after the next restart of your computer. In earlier Windows versions you'll have to choose 'install fonts' in your start -> systems properties -> fonts directory. Good luck.

Can I view my fonts comfortably?

We strongly recommend the font lister from Peter Theill at You can compare the installed and uninstalled fonts and easily install/deinstall choosen fonts. Download the full version from his homepage. The registering fee is only 5 US$. It's really worth it.

Can I use my fonts on a Mac also?

Yes, but you need a converter. The converter works with most fonts, but not with all! Download the 'ttconverter' (59kb) from one of these ftp sites: [USA|UK|GERMANY|GERMANY|SWITZERLAND|SPAIN]

Can I design my own fonts?

The best shareware tool we know is Font Creator from Another is Softy by Dave Emmett from Fontographer from is the best solution for professionals.

D) Game Questions:

I want to play the java games in a full screen! Can you help?

If your screen in too small to display the whole game applet because of the applet size or because of the frames, we recommend to open the frame in a new window. Click the link with the right mouse button and choose 'Open link in new window'. If you use Microsoft IE, another possibility is to enlarge the window by choosing ->View ->Full Screen (or press F11).


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