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Hackers - Size: 14k


Harrington - Size: 43k

Hasty Pudding - Size: 11k
Freeware by Uddi Uddi


Hathor - Size: 19k
Fairware by
Jeni Pleskow (19k)


Head - Size: 20k


Heavy Heap - Size: 13k
Freeware by Ray Larabie (13k)


Helzapoppin - Size: 60k
Shareware by Dave Nalle (Scriptorium Font Library) (60k)

Herakles - Size: 19k
Freeware for non-commercial use by Peter Rempel (19k)

Her Breathe - Size: 6k
Freeware by Barón Valette (Solfonts) (6k)


Hippocritic - Size: 17k
Freeware by Mark Thomas (17k)


Horndond - Size: 54k

Hurry up - Size: 17k
Freeware by Ray Larabie (17k)