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Introduction and Playing Instructions:
Crazy Carl loves to fish but he has no fishing pole or net. So, he just runs the river, clobbering his prey. However, Carl has to be careful, too... his canoe gets damaged when he hits the river banks, logs, leaves, or any trash that floats down the river. In two minutes, how many points can you earn for Crazy Carl? Just use the arrow buttons on your keyboard to move Carl's canoe. Give it a try! (Please be patient while the graphics load. And, you must have a JDK1.1 compliant browser to run this applet.)

Points: How do you score? Clobbering the items shown below will earn or cost you the following points:

Red Fish = 4 Gold Fish = 3 Boundary = -1 Bottle = -1 Plant = -2 Tire = -3  Log = -4

Author: Maura Kearns
Homepage: [inactive]
Java Source: Not available
Download: (116k)
Usage: Canoeclobber is free for the private / non-commercial use.
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The 'adventure feeling' is arising here...
Nice Graphics, good programming,
Realistic behaviour of the canoe.
Great concept. Exciting game.