Move your mouse over the applet and click it to start.
Use the mouse to move and click to shoot. Press P to pause and press G to play again.

Playing Instructions:

This is you: . Your job is to kill the and advance to higher levels. Shoot anything that moves, especially that pesky . It's also a good idea to shoot the since it can clutter up the screen and cause the centipede to move faster. If you shoot too many, the will create more.

Extra lives are awarded every 4000 points.

Description Image Points
Mushroom 5
Centipede head 10
Centipede body 10
Beetle 20
Flea 50
Spider 75
Scorpion 500

Good luck!
This applet is based on the arcade game Centipede.

Author: Mark Boyns
Homepage: http://www.sdsu.edu/~boyns/
Java Source: centipedo.java
Download: Available on Mark's Homepage.
Usage: Centipedo is free for the private / non-commercial use.