Don's Dugout

Click on the applet and press 'Space' to start.
Use J and L to walk.

Playing Instructions: Don, the mole, has discovered some uninvited critters lurking about deep down in his favourite garden. Piglets and Dragons. Piglets crawl around in tunnels and turn ghost-like and ooze through the ground. Dragons hehave like piglets but are also able to breathe fire.

Armed with a bicycle pump, Don sets out to eliminate them once and for all. It is now up to you to control him and to get the job done.Move up, down, left and right with the I, K, J and L keys. Pump left or right (when a critter is near) with SHIFT + J or L (it's a bit difficult, practice the technique, try to pump the piglet first). Walk under rocks to loosen them, but don't stay too long, try to make them fall on a piglet or a dragon. Collect money bags, but avoid nuclear wase, microwave cheese and other health hazards.

Scoring: Exploding piglet: 15 points, Exploding dragon: 25 points, Crushed piglet (with rocks): 50 points, Crushed dragon: 150 points, Money bag: 100 points, Completing level: 250 points.

In addition to loading the sound and graphics data, the game will need a few seconds to prepare, so please be patient. Once it started press Z or X at the beginning to adjust the speed of the game.

Author: Karl Hörnell
Java Source: Not available
Download: (41k)
Usage: If you place a link to the homepage of the author,
you may regard the applet as free for the private use.

Funny and well programmed java game.
Pretty graphics, refreshing concept
Thanks to Karl Hörnell.