Click on the applet an press 'Space' to start.
Use A and D to walk left and right , K and M for up and down.

Playing Instructions: You are Pixel Pete, the small penguin. Collect points to score. Move up, down, left and right with the K, M, A and D keys. Collect all coins that are frozen in ice cubes. If you collected all coins, you reach the next level. Walk against a blocked ice cube to crack it. Walk against free ice cubes to move them out of the way. If you hit an evil flame (you should be aware of) with the ice cube, you score 50 poins. Breaking ice is worth 5 points, freeing coins 100 points, reaching the next level 1000 points.

Author: Karl Hörnell
Java Source: Not available
Download: Available on Karl's Homepage.
Usage: If you place a link to the homepage of the author,
you may regard the applet as free for the private use.