Playing Instructions: It's Mastermind... the computer thinks of a color combination you have to find out in maximal 8 steps. Choose the number of used colors, click them first, their border appears white now. Then click the start button.
If you want to place a row, click the wanted color first, then the wanted position until the row is ready. The computer tells you the result. A small white pin means, the color is correct, but the position isn't. A small black pin means, the color and the position is correct. But you don't know, which color and position is meant. That is what you have to find out, until the whole row has only black pins as result.

Author: Karl Hörnell
Java Source:
Download: Available on Karl's Homepage.
Usage: If you place a link to the homepage of the author,
you may regard the applet as free for the private use.

Small and beautiful applet. The 'Mastermind feeling' is arising here.
Functional programming and color options.