Playing Instructions: Tiles are moved by placing the mouse over a tile and pressing the LEFT mouse button.
If you wish to move more than one tile in the same row or column, then click on the first tile that you wish to move.
Scoring: The score is just a count of how many moves you have taken. This can often be kept to a minimum by moving lines of tiles instead of each tile in a row or column one by one.

Author: Steve White
Homepage: http://home.sol.no/~svw2/puzzles/
Java Source: Not available
Download: Available on Steve's Homepage.
Usage: The puzzle applet is distributed as freeware for non-commercial use.
The author is asking for a short mail telling him the URL of your puzzle applet.
You will be included in a listing of sites with the puzzle applet, if you wish.
A link to http://home.sol.no/~svw2/puzzles/ is appreciated but not required.
The class files must not be tampered with or modified in any way.
Commercial sites must ask for, and receive permission from the author before using the applet.