3D Text

Description: This free applet by Jari Lehtonen shows a very nice 3D animation for your text. It's a cult applet. To view all options please click the 'About' button on top of the applet. You may want to change the speed and rotating directions.

HTML code of the applet:

<applet code=Main.class width=450 height=200 >

<param name=color               value="Green">
<param name=control_panel_available     value="false">
<param name=startstop_button    value="true">
<param name=fps_button          value="true">
<param name=color_button        value="true">
<param name=hide_button         value="true">
<param name=number_of_texts     value="3">

<param name=text_0
value="+welcome all+freaks around+the world">
<param name=text_0_zoominspeed  value="0.03">
<param name=text_0_destinationz value="3">
<param name=text_0_zoomoutspeed value="-0.05">
<param name=text_0_timetodiez   value="0">
<param name=text_0_delay        value="280">
<param name=text_0_spin         value="1">
<param name=text_0_tip          value="0">

<param name=text_1
value="+this freeware applet+displays text+in three dimensions">
<param name=text_1_zoominspeed  value="0.01">
<param name=text_1_destinationz value="2.5">
<param name=text_1_zoomoutspeed value="-0.01">
<param name=text_1_timetodiez   value="0">
<param name=text_1_delay        value="500">
<param name=text_1_spin         value="1">
<param name=text_1_tip          value="1">

<param name=text_2
value="+Customizable color+spin and speed+try it out">
<param name=text_2_zoominspeed  value="0.01">
<param name=text_2_destinationz value="3">
<param name=text_2_zoomoutspeed value="-0.03">
<param name=text_2_timetodiez   value="0">
<param name=text_2_delay        value="400">
<param name=text_2_spin         value="1">
<param name=text_2_tip          value="2">


Author: Jari Lehtonen
Homepage: http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Bay/5983/index.html
Java Source: Not available
Download: 3dtext.zip (15k)
Usage: (c) Jari Lehtonen 1997, 1998. Freeware.

Its worth a cool award, isn't it?