Description: Alexwarp is a quite funny application, click on the picture and hold down the button, move your mouse over the picture and you'll see a 'warping line' to do the warp. Insert your own picture or pictures of famous persons and let others do the 'Warp'. Adjust the width and height of your applet, if you want to use a larger image. Options are 'undo' the last warp or 'reset' the picture, a quite important function ... :-]

HTML code of the applet:

<applet code="AlexWarp.class" width=288 height=290>
<param name="image" value="monica.jpg">

Author: Alex Rosen
Java Source:
Download: (22k)
Usage: You can do whatever you want with this code,
as long as you include a link to my home page
( with it,
and/or with whatever you create from it.
Alex Rosen

AlexWarp received our Fun Award