Anfy 3D Light

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Description: Wow... This applet animates 3D scenes in realtime with shading, texture mapping, transparency, motion blur, and fog effects. Anfy 3D is a series of java applets which work together with 3D Studio Max plugin to visualise Max's 3D scenes. Anfy 3D full version is provided at the Anfy site: You need this full version in order to import your original objects. For 3D novices, we have provided ready-made objects (sphere, cone, waving sheet, labyrinth) in this version. So, you can manipulate these objects without need of 3D modelling skills. If you are interested in professional 3D Java visualisation, check out the Anfy 3D Full version. Even if you are non 3D specialist, Anfy can produce 3D Java scenes for you. This may include 3D company logos, banners, etc. View anfy3d.txt for description of all parameters.

HTML code of the applet:

<applet archive="anfy3d.jar" code="anfy3d.class" width="320" height="200">
<param name="credits" value="Applet by Andrea Fasce (">
<param name="real_width" value="320">
<param name="real_height" value="200">
<param name="texture0" value="texture.gif">
<param name="texture1" value="fire.gif">
<param name="texture2" value="texture2.gif">
<param name="phongmap" value="light2.gif">
<param name="interactive" value="YES">
<param name="script" value="0">
<param name="shadow" value="0">
<param name="mirror" value="0">
<param name="lightballs" value="4">
<param name="main_type" value="0">
<param name="main_render" value="0">
<param name="main_texture" value="0">
<param name="rot_x" value="0.05">
<param name="rot_y" value="0.07">
<param name="rot_z" value="0.04">
<param name="animlight" value="NO">
<param name="child_type" value="1">
<param name="child_render" value="5">
<param name="child_texture" value="0">
<param name="back_type" value="1">
<param name="back_render" value="7">
<param name="back_texture" value="2">
<param name="back_r" value="235">
<param name="back_g" value="236">
<param name="back_b" value="225">
<param name="fog" value="0">
<param name="fog_near" value="3">
<param name="fog_far" value="33">
<param name="blur_motion" value="0">
<param name="overimg" value="NO">
<param name="overimgX" value="0">
<param name="overimgY" value="0">
<param name="textscroll" value="NO">
<param name="regcode" value="NO">
<param name="reglink" value="NO">
<param name="regnewframe" value="NO">
<param name="regframename" value="_blank">
<param name="statusmsg" value="Anfy 3d applet">
<param name="memdelay" value="1000">
<param name="priority" value="3">
<param name="MinSYNC" value="10">
Sorry, your browser doesn't support Java.

Author: Andrea Fasce
Java Source: Not available
Download: (109k), but
we recommend the complete AnfyJava package
(40 applets - 3,2 MB) - available on
Usage: The freeware version contains a link to the author's homepage.
The professional version is provided with more objects and functions.


Realtime effects, textures, motion blur, transparency
Professional programming, running fast.
Never seen before. Stunning applet.