Anfy Lake

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Description: This applet can generate a reflection effect under any GIF or JPG image. It is very similiar to the Lake and DorianGray applets made by other authors, but this one has a different approach. Since it it calculated in realtime, it requires less memory (about 10 times less!). The mountains example is a courtesy of Laurie Moyer. The 'shore' effect was made with a transparent overimage, which is displayed just over the applet:

The overlay image can also contain animations, i.e. to place a rocking ship on the water surface or flying butterflys on the ground. This applet is fully parametrized, so you can generate many kinds of lake effects. View anlake.txt for description of parameters.

HTML code of the applet:

<applet archive="AnLake.jar" code="AnLake.class" width=180 height=234>
<param name=credits value="Applet by Fabio Ciucci (">
<param name=regcode value="NO">
<param name=reglink value="NO">
<param name=regnewframe value="YES">
<param name=regframename value="_blank">
<param name=statusmsg value="AnLake applet">
<param name=res value="1">
<param name=image value="mountain1.jpg">
<param name=wavspeed value="30">
<param name=perspective value="10">
<param name=farwaving value="200">
<param name=wind value="10">
<param name=windvarval value="5">
<param name=windvarmin value="5">
<param name=windvarmax value="15">
<param name=halfreflect value="YES">
<param name=overimg value="mountain2.gif">
<param name=overimgX value="0">
<param name=overimgY value="156">
<param name=textscroll value="NO">
<param name=memdelay value="1000">
<param name=priority value="3">
<param name=MinSYNC value="10">
Sorry, your browser doesn't support Java.

Author: Fabio Ciucci
Java Source: Not available
Download: (45k), but
we recommend the complete AnfyJava package
(40 applets - 3,2 MB) - available on 
Usage: The freeware version contains a link to the author's homepage.
The registered version has no restrictions.

Interesting overimage effects.