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Description: Unbelievable... This stunning applet can generate a texture mapped tunnel from any gif/jpg image. Many kinds of tunnel effects can be generated. The image used as the tunnel texture can be of any size, but the best results are shown with textures bigger than the applet area. The startx, starty, conex, coney, conez parameter values can be varied to change the tunnel's appearance, making it deformed, but the values suggested are the optimum ones. Select the type of movement with the "movement" parameter: 'advance', 'back', 'anticlockwise rotation', 'clockwise rotation', 'advance + clockwise rotation', 'advance + anticlockwise rotation', 'back + clockwise rotation', 'back + anticlockwise rotation'. Further select between 2 kind of effects: with "1" you are in a tunnel, with "2" you are outside the tunnel. The outside view looks like a hurricane, click here for the hurricane example. View tunnel.txt for description of parameters.

HTML code of the applet:

<applet archive="tunnel.jar" code="tunnel.class" width="250" height="180">
<param name="credits" value="Applet by Fabio Ciucci (www.anfyjava.com)">
<param name="res" value="1">
<param name="image" value="redhole.jpg">
<param name="startx" value="100">
<param name="starty" value="100">
<param name="conex" value="215">
<param name="coney" value="150">
<param name="conez" value="1200">
<param name="movement" value="5">
<param name="effect" value="1">
<param name="overimg" value="NO">
<param name="overimgX" value="0">
<param name="overimgY" value="0">
<param name="textscroll" value="NO">
<param name="regcode" value="NO">
<param name="reglink" value="NO">
<param name="regnewframe" value="NO">
<param name="regframename" value="_blank">
<param name="statusmsg" value="Tunnel applet">
<param name="memdelay" value="1000">
<param name="priority" value="3">
<param name="MinSYNC" value="10">
Sorry, your browser doesn't support Java.

Author: Fabio Ciucci
Homepage: http://www.anfyteam.com/
Java Source: Not available
Download: tunnel.zip (44k), but
we recommend the complete AnfyJava package
(40 applets - 3,2 MB) - available on www.anfyteam.com 
Usage: The freeware version contains a link to the author's homepage.
The registered version has no restrictions.

Gold for one of the best applets
we've ever seen.