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Description: This applet can 'wobble' any GIF or JPG image of any size. Due to particular optimizations, the applet size must be a multiple of 8, in both width and height. Regarding image size, any size is allowed, but there are particular sizes: 32x32 , 64x64, 128x128 or 256x256 which are the best ones, because applet will run a lot faster. We strongly suggest to load an image with one of the sizes listed. To configure the wobbler in order to display different effects, you have to change the many parameters it has, but unfortunately there is not a way to explain how all behave, because of the non-linear math behind this applet and the unpredictable results. The best option is to experiment yourself. View wobbler.txt for description of parameters.

HTML code of the applet:

<applet archive="wobbler.jar" code="wobbler.class" width=256 height=128>
<param name=credits value="Applet by Fabio Ciucci (www.anfyjava.com)">
<param name=regcode value="NO">
<param name=reglink value="NO">
<param name=regnewframe value="YES">
<param name=regframename value="_blank">
<param name=statusmsg value="Wobbler applet">
<param name=res value="1">
<param name=image value="dossi.jpg">
<param name=initialdistance value="5.0">
<param name=zoomspeed value="0.0">
<param name=mindistance value="5.0">
<param name=maxdistance value="5.0">
<param name=radius value="400.0">
<param name=wavestrength value="102.0">
<param name=spd1 value="120.0">
<param name=spd2 value="140.0">
<param name=spd3 value="0.4">
<param name=spd4 value="10.0">
<param name=xmove value="0">
<param name=ymove value="0">
<param name=variationstart value="0">
<param name=variationmove value="200">
<param name=precision value="high">
<param name=overimg value="NO">
<param name=overimgX value="0">
<param name=overimgY value="0">
<param name=textscroll value="NO">
<param name=memdelay value="1000">
<param name=priority value="3">
<param name=MinSYNC value="10">
Sorry, your browser doesn't support Java.

Author: Fabio Ciucci
Homepage: http://www.anfyteam.com/
Java Source: Not available
Download: wobbler.zip (39k), but
we recommend the complete AnfyJava package
(40 applets - 3,2 MB) - available on www.anfyteam.com 
Usage: The freeware version contains a link to the author's homepage.
The registered version has no restrictions.