Description: This small applet shows you any text you like as animation. Options are text (the text to display), font (the font to render the text in), style (whether PLAIN, BOLD or ITALIC), step (increments in font size each iteration), type (blink (all chars same rate) wave ("the wave") random (random)), align (left, center or right), bgimage (background image URL) bgcolor (background color (as RGB)), fgcolor (foreground color), naptime (time between iterations in millisecs), min (minimum font size), max (maximum font size).

HTML code of the applet:

<applet CODE="AnimText" WIDTH=300 HEIGHT=80>
<param NAME=text VALUE="Hello visitors!">
<param NAME=type VALUE=wave>
<param NAME=bgColor VALUE=0:0:150>
<param NAME=fgColor VALUE=255:255:155>
<param NAME=min VALUE=20>
<param NAME=max VALUE=40>
<param NAME=style VALUE=bold>

Java Source:  

Author: Suresh Srinivasan
Java Source:
Download: Save AnimText.class (8k) in the same directory as the referring HTML file.
Usage: The applet is free for the private / non-commercial use.