Chemis3D realizes online 3D visualization of molecular models.

With the mouse

  • Rotate the model by left-click while dragging.
  • Zoom in/out by right-click and drag.
  • Translate by left-click and drag with CTRL Key down.
  • Rotate in the X^Y plane by left-click and drag with SHIFT Key down.

With the menubar

  • Change the model Display (ball, stick or ball-stick).
  • Add/remove Hydrogens.
  • Color the model by atoms, groups or chains.
  • Pick or Label atoms
  • Measure interatomic distances .

Note: with Netscape the Menubar get focus by a double click.
          with Internet Explorer 4.0, by default the Menubar is embedded in the applet.

Chemis3D use data files like MDL molfile (*.mol) or XYZ (*.xyz) for common molecules, and Protein Data Bank files (*.pdb) for macromolecular structures. Chemis3D is a small applet (33Ko) quickly loaded. Its integration in a HTML code is very easy with full of options.

HTML code of the applet:

<applet code="Chemis3DApp.class" align="baseline" width="350"
height="350" archive="Chemis3D.jar">
<param name="model" value="DNA3.txt">
<param name="filetype" value="x-pdb">
<param name="display" value="ball-stick">
<param name="back" value="#EBECE1">

Author: Didier Collomb
Java Source: Not available
Download: (148k, Version 1.87, May '99)
Usage: The applet is free for the private / non-commercial use.

Chemis3D received a Gold Award!