Description: The easiest way to set up the applet on your site is to start with the applet code found on this page. Use notepad and cut and paste the applet parameters from the sample HTML file into your HTML file. Then try it out and customize it for your site. Please note, after you change the HTML file you must hit 'reload' on your browser to view the changes (sometimes you must close the browser and reopen it to see the changes). The unregistered version of this applet may be fully customized and used on as many web sites as desired. In the unregistered version, the Inc url is displayed in the browser's status bar. The url does not appear in the status bar when using the purchased version.

HTML code of the applet:

<applet code="AppletWriterV2Demo.class" width=230 height=150>
<param name=numberOfLines value="13">
<param name=numberOfPages value="2">
<param name=defFgColor value="0,0,200">
<param name=defFontSize value="11">
<param name=defFontStyle value="Font.PLAIN">
<param name=defLineHorizAlign value="left">
<param name=defPageVertAlign value="top">
<param name=bgColor value="255,255,255">
<param name=defFont value="TimesNewRoman">
<param name=characterSleep value="60">
<param name=mousePause value="true">
<param name=defPagePause value="4000">
<param name=lineSpacing value="2">
<param name=hPadding value="10">
<param name=vPadding value="0">

<param name=page1TotalLines value="7">
<param name=page1Pause value="4000">
<param name=line1 value="Features">
<param name=font1 value="TimesNewRoman">
<param name=size1 value="13">
<param name=style1 value="Font.BOLD">
<param name=color1 value="255,0,0">
<param name=line2 value=" Professional quality smooth scroll">
<param name=line3 value=" 26 customizable parameters">
<param name=line4 value=" Easy to set up">
<param name=line5 value=" Unlimited technical support">
<param name=line6 value=" Optional text file input">
<param name=line7 value=" Adjustable font, font color, style and size">

<param name=page2TotalLines value="6">
<param name=line8 value="Features">
<param name=page2Valign value="top">
<param name=font8 value="TimesNewRoman">
<param name=size8 value="13">
<param name=style8 value="Font.BOLD">
<param name=color8 value="255,0,0">
<param name=line9 value=" Optional pausing on mouseover">
<param name=line10 value=" Vertical and horizontal margin settings ">
<param name=line11 value=" Vertical and horizontal alignment parameters">
<param name=line12 value=" Adjustable line spacing">
<param name=line13 value=" Adjustable speeds and delays">

Author: Consultcom
Java Source: Not available
Download: (20k)
Usage: The freeware version shows the author's homepage in the statusbar.
The registered version has no restrictions.