Description: The easiest way to set up the applet on your site is to start with the applet code found on this page. Use notepad and cut and paste the applet parameters from the sample HTML file into your HTML file. Then try it out and customize it for your site. Please note, after you change the HTML file you must hit 'reload' on your browser to view the changes (sometimes you must close the browser and reopen it to see the changes). The unregistered version of this applet may be fully customized and used on as many web sites as desired. In the unregistered version, the Inc url is displayed in the browser's status bar. The url does not appear in the status bar when using the purchased version.

HTML code of the applet:

<applet code="VertTextScroller.class" width="335" height="150">
<param name=copyright value="ConsultScroll Vertical Text Scroller v2.0 Copyright (c) 1998, Inc.">
<param name=textFile value="Demo2.txt">
<param name=numberOfLines value="27">
<param name=background value="white">
<param name=scrollDelay value="15">
<param name=lineSpace value="17">
<param name=linkFrame value="_top">
<param name=linkColor value="red">
<param name=manualPause value="0">
<param name=linkClick value="1">

<param name=sizeDefault value="14">
<param name=lineDefault value=" ">
<param name=colorDefault value="black">
<param name=fontDefault value="Helvetica">
<param name=styleDefault value="PLAIN">
<param name=linkDefault value=" ">
<param name=pauseValueDefault value="0">
<param name=lineOffsetDefault value="0">

<param name=line1 value="The Vertical Text Scroller">
<param name=pauseValue1 value="10000">
<param name=style1 value="BOLD">
<param name=color1 value="red">

<param name=insertTextFile value="2-7">

<param name=line10 value="Features">
<param name=pauseValue10 value="9500">
<param name=style10 value="BOLD">
<param name=color10 value="red">

<param name=line11 value="Professional quality smooth scrolling.">
<param name=lineOffset11 value="10">

<param name=line12 value="Adjustable scrolling speed.">
<param name=lineOffset12 value="10">

<param name=line13 value="Manual scrolling/pausing using your mouse.">
<param name=lineOffset13 value="10">

<param name=line14 value="Automatic pausing at any line.">
<param name=lineOffset14 value="10">

<param name=line15 value="Mouse over highlighted URL links.">
<param name=lineOffset15 value="10">

<param name=line16 value="Many fonts, styles, and colors to choose.">
<param name=lineOffset16 value="10">

<param name=line17 value="Param tag syntax checking for easy setup.">
<param name=lineOffset17 value="10">

<param name=line18 value="Input content from text file!">
<param name=lineOffset18 value="10">

<param name=line21 value="To view just a few of the sites">
<param name=pauseValue21 value="5500">
<param name=style21 value="BOLD">
<param name=color21 value="red">
<param name=lineOffset21 value="10">

<param name=line22 value="that are using our applet,">
<param name=style22 value="BOLD">
<param name=color22 value="red">
<param name=lineOffset22 value="10">

<param name=line23 value="click on one of the URLs below.">
<param name=style23 value="BOLD">
<param name=color23 value="red">
<param name=lineOffset23 value="10">

<param name=line25 value="Twentieth Century Fox UK">
<param name=color25 value="blue">
<param name=style25 value="ITALIC">
<param name=link25 value="">
<param name=lineOffset25 value="25">

<param name=line26 value="Circuit City Online!">
<param name=color26 value="blue">
<param name=style26 value="ITALIC">
<param name=link26 value="">
<param name=lineOffset26 value="25">

<param name=line27 value="Nasa's Global Hydrology Center">
<param name=color27 value="blue">
<param name=style27 value="ITALIC">
<param name=link27 value="">
<param name=lineOffset27 value="25">


Author: Consultcom
Java Source: Not available
Download: (60k)
Usage: The freeware version shows the author's homepage in the statusbar.
The registered version has no restrictions.

If you need a good scroller, take this one!