Description: This applet provides a windows like look and feel. It's nice to play with the mouseover effect. Customizable number of rows and cols. Some of the parameters are "titleBar" (Determines if there will be a title bar displayed in the window. Set this value to either true or false. The default value is true), "title" (Text to be displayed in the applet's title bar), "logo" (Image displayed on the left side of the applet's title bar. Image may be either a jpg or gif), "iconFontSize" (Sets the size of the font in the icon buttons. The default is 13), "image" (Each button in the WindowMenu may have an image on it. image0 sets the image on the first button, image1 sets the image on the second button, image2 the third, etc. This parameter is optional, as each button either may or may not have an image on it). Description of all parameters available in the download package. When using the free trial version of WindowMenu, the message "free applets at" will be displayed in the browser's status bar when the mouse is placed over the applet. The purchased version does not display this message.

HTML code of the applet:

<APPLET CODE="WindowMenuTrial.class" WIDTH=380 HEIGHT=180>
<PARAM NAME = title VALUE = "My Homepage">
<PARAM NAME = logo VALUE = "SmallLogo.jpg">
<PARAM NAME = nIcon VALUE = 8>
<PARAM NAME = row VALUE = 2>
<PARAM NAME = col VALUE = 4>

<PARAM NAME = label0 VALUE = "Home">
<PARAM NAME = image0 VALUE = "Home.gif">
<PARAM NAME = link0 VALUE = "home.html">
<PARAM NAME = label1 VALUE = "About Me">
<PARAM NAME = image1 VALUE = "about.gif">
<PARAM NAME = link1 VALUE = "about.html">
<PARAM NAME = label2 VALUE = "Friends">
<PARAM NAME = image2 VALUE = "friends.gif">
<PARAM NAME = link2 VALUE = "friends.html">
<PARAM NAME = label3 VALUE = "Mail">
<PARAM NAME = image3 VALUE = "mail.gif">
<PARAM NAME = link3 VALUE = "">

<PARAM NAME = label4 VALUE = "Guestbook">
<PARAM NAME = image4 VALUE = "guestbook.gif">
<PARAM NAME = link4 VALUE = "guestbook.html">
<PARAM NAME = label5 VALUE = "Pictures">
<PARAM NAME = image5 VALUE = "pictures.gif">
<PARAM NAME = link5 VALUE = "pictures.html">
<PARAM NAME = label6 VALUE = "Games">
<PARAM NAME = image6 VALUE = "games.gif">
<PARAM NAME = link6 VALUE = "games.html">
<PARAM NAME = label7 VALUE = "Hot Links">
<PARAM NAME = image7 VALUE = "links.gif">
<PARAM NAME = link7 VALUE = "links.html">


Author: Consultcom (Vincent Kong)
Java Source: Not available
Download: (50k)
Usage: The freeware version shows the author's homepage in the statusbar.
The registered version has no restrictions.

Windows-like icons, nice mouseover effect