Description: Thanks to Giuseppe Gennaro for his small free fading applet, that fades textelements of your choice. Vary the speed of the applet or include a link, refer the Java Source for a short description.

HTML code of the applet:

<applet code="Fade.class" width="300" height="50">
<param name="bgcolor" value="ffffff">
<param name="txtcolor" value="333366">
<param name="changefactor" value="5">
<param name="text1" value="Hi guys and girls around the world!">
<param name="font1" value="TimesRoman,PLAIN,16">
<param name="text2" value="Where is the best free stuff?">
<param name="url2" value="http://www.1archive.com">
<param name="font2" value="TimesRoman,PLAIN,16">
<param name="text3" value="Just remember...">
<param name="font3" value="TimesRoman,PLAIN,18">
<param name="text4" value="1Archive.com - Top Freeware">
<param name="url4" value="http://www.1archive.com">
<param name="font4" value="Arial,BOLD,20">
<param name="text5" value="Ultimate, isn't it?">
<param name="url5" value="http://www.1archive.com">
<param name="font5" value="Courier,PLAIN,18">

Author: Giuseppe Gennaro
Homepage: -
Java Source: Fade.java
Download: fade.zip (9k)
Usage: Feel free to modify or distribute this code as you wish, just mention the author somewhere on the page you use it.
Guiseppe Gennaro