Description: Thanks to David O'Brien for this Firework applet. This applet is for those of you, who want to celebrate their web presence with a nice firework, why not... :-)

HTML code of the applet:

<APPLET CODE="Firework.class" WIDTH="430" HEIGHT="340">
<PARAM NAME="AnimationSpeed" VALUE="5">
<PARAM NAME="RocketSoundtrack" VALUE="">
<PARAM NAME="RocketStyleVariability" VALUE="20">
<PARAM NAME="MaxRocketNumber" VALUE="9">
<PARAM NAME="MaxRocketExplosionEnergy" VALUE="800">
<PARAM NAME="MaxRocketPatchNumber" VALUE="80">
<PARAM NAME="MaxRocketPatchLength" VALUE="70">
<PARAM NAME="Gravity" VALUE="400">

Author: David O'Brien
Homepage: -
Java Source:
Download: (9k)
Usage: The applet is free for the private / non-commercial use.

There is always something to celebrate.