J-Ads Pro

Description: This great applet is easy to use and is normally used to change the banner ads on your homepage. It counts and tracks the clickthroughs to the defined URL's. It's possible to direct a click to a predefined URL's for each image. Additionally you can use this applet to show your photos (gif and jpg) or navigate through a picture series. Download the package to see the banner ad example.

HTML code of the applet:

<APPLET CODE="jads.class" WIDTH="200" HEIGHT="132">
<PARAM NAME="image_0" VALUE="pic1.jpg">
<PARAM NAME="image_1" VALUE="pic2.jpg">
<PARAM NAME="image_2" VALUE="pic3.jpg">
<PARAM NAME="wait" VALUE="50">

Author: JavaZOOM
Homepage: http://www.javazoom.net
Java Source: Not available
Download: jadspro.zip (28k)
Usage: This applet is free.

Nice effects, easy to use.
Optional tracking of clickthru's.