Description: Wow, the best dot scroller I know. It's lots of fun to play with all the settings. If you download the package, there is a very good tutorial from the creator of Dotz, Jos van Ouwerkerk.

HTML code of the applet:

<APPLET code="Dotz.class" archive="dotz.jar" width=400 height=40>
<PARAM name="cabbase" value="">
<PARAM name="bgcolor" value="003F7F">

<!-- Definition of text elements -->
<PARAM name="item0" value="Hi Folks!">
<PARAM name="color0" value="gradient,FFFF00,FFFFFF">
<PARAM name="item1" value="This is 'Dotz',">
<PARAM name="color1" value="FFFF00">
<PARAM name="item2" value="the power scroller">
<PARAM name="color2" value="FFFF00">
<PARAM name="item3" value="cool effects +">
<PARAM name="color3" value="gradient,007FFF,FFFFFF">
<PARAM name="item4" value="colors">
<PARAM name="item5" value="<item3> <item4>">
<PARAM name="color5" value="gradient,FFFF00,FF0000">
<PARAM name="item6" value="with many options">
<PARAM name="color6" value="gradient,FFFFDD,FF00DD">
<PARAM name="item7" value="presented by">
<PARAM name="color7" value="gradient,007FFF,FFFFFF">
<PARAM name="item8" value="The">
<PARAM name="color8" value="gradient,007FFF,FFFFFF">

<!-- Definition of animation -->
<PARAM name="animation0" value="enter,bottom,<item0>,10:<item0>,20">
<PARAM name="animation1" value="morph,<item0>,<item1>,20:<item1>,20">
<PARAM name="animation2" value="leave,left,<item1>,50&enter,right,<item2>,50">
<PARAM name="animation3" value="leave,right,<item2>,50&enter,left,<item6>,50">
<PARAM name="animation4" value="<item6>,20">
<PARAM name="animation5" value="morph,<item6>,<item3>,20&enter,right,<item4>,20">
<PARAM name="animation6" value="<item5>,25:twirl,out,<item5>,20">
<PARAM name="animation7" value="twirl,in,<item7>,20:<item7>,20">
<PARAM name="animation8" value="morph,<item7>,<item8>,20:<item8>,30">



Author: J.D. van Ouwerkerk
Java Source: Not available
Download: Available in the JvoJava package (320k)
Includes Bumpz, Lenz, Dotz and JMS applet.
Usage: Using an applet from the Jvo Java package on a non-commercial site is free. Before you can use any of the applets on a commercial base, that is on a company site or a site made by a payed webdesigner, you should buy the Jvo Java package. The price of this package is $20. Any future applets or new versions of applets will be free once you've bought the package.
J.D. van Ouwerkerk

Dotz received our Gold Award!