Description: The 'image' parameter can be used to point Lenz to the image to be used. The 'size' parameter contains the radius of the lens. It can be at most 60. To change the color of the lens you can enter a hexcolor code in the 'color' parameter. Another parameter is 'transparency'. Here you should enter a number between 0 and 1. 1 stands for a completely transparent lens and 0 will result in a solid lens. You can also choose the shape of the lens by entering 'sphere' or 'pyramid' in the 'shape' parameter. To make a link out of Lenz you should enter a URL in the 'link' parameter. The 'target' parameter can be used to assign the target frame.

HTML code of the applet:

<applet code="Lenz.class" align="baseline" width="435"
height="150" archive="lenz.jar">
<param name="cabbase" value="lenz.cab">
<param name="image" value="evolution.gif">
<param name="shape" value="Sphere">
<param name="size" value="35">
<param name="color" value="007FFF">

Author: J.D. van Ouwerkerk
Homepage: http://www.jvojava.com
Java Source: Not available
Download: Available in the JvoJava package jvojava.zip (320k)
Includes Bumpz, Lenz, Dotz and JMS applet.
Usage: Using an applet from the Jvo Java package on a non-commercial site is free. Before you can use any of the applets on a commercial base, that is on a company site or a site made by a payed webdesigner, you should buy the Jvo Java package. The price of this package is $20. Any future applets or new versions of applets will be free once you've bought the package.
J.D. van Ouwerkerk

Glassy effect.