Description: Beam your logo, picture or presentation with a laser on your page. Great effect. An applet with many options. The important ones are "bg-color" (background color of the applet. Red, Green and Blue values can be in range from 0 to 255. The laser beam will never have the color, set as the background color. We recommend to set the bg color to "0,0,0", which is black, cause usually a laser beam is not black. However all colors are possible. For transparent effects, set the bg color to the same color as your background of the used image), "banner" (name or URL of the image, the laser banner should draw. This can be a gif or jpg file), "laser-type" (can be "natural", "color" or "rainbow". When set to 'natural', laser will always have color of destination pixel of banner image (except color of set background color). When set to "color", the laser will have a fixed color, specified with parameter "laser-beam-color". When set to "rainbow", laser beam color will cycle by given hue increment), "laser-beam-color" (color, laser will have, when "laser-type" is set to "color". Color is defined with Red, Green and Blue values.), "thread-sleep" (value between "1" and "1000". The lower the value, the faster the laser is drawing.), "sequence-sleep" (value between "1" and "20". The lower the value, the shorter the time it will take, until the laser draws the banner image again.), "link-url" (the URL when u klick on banner), "link-target-frame" (the target frame for the above link, defaults to "_top"). Description of all parameters available in download package.

HTML code of the applet:

<applet code="LaserBanner.class" width=400 height=200>
<param name="bg-color" value="0,35,85">
<param name="banner" value="picture.jpg">
<param name="banner-x-pos" value="0">
<param name="banner-y-pos" value="0">
<param name="banner-top-os" value="0">
<param name="banner-bottom-os" value="0">
<param name="banner-left-os" value="0">
<param name="banner-right-os" value="0">
<param name="laser-origin-x-pos" value="300">
<param name="laser-origin-y-pos" value="180">
<param name="laser-origin-region" value="300,180,0,0">
<param name="laser-origin-type" value="FIXED">
<param name="laser-x-step" value="1">
<param name="laser-y-step" value="2">
<param name="laser-type" value="RAINBOW">
<param name="laser-beam-color" value="255,0,0">
<param name="laser-spot-color" value="-1,-1,-1">
<param name="laser-beam-spot-aspekt" value="0.25">
<param name="laser-beam-hue-increment" value="0.015">
<param name="thread-sleep" value="10">
<param name="sequence-sleep" value="20">
<param name="link-url" value="">
<param name="link-target-frame" value="_top">

Author: Peter Hellmann
Java Source: Not available
Download: (24k)
Usage: The applet is free for the private / non-commercial use.

Professional effect, many options.