Description: You can choose the width and the height of PlasmaX through the WIDTH and HEIGHT parameters. You can add your own text through the text parameter. And you have to use # as a word (or sentence) separator (look at the example above). You can the fonts and their size through the font and size parameters. You shouldn't use exotics fonts (It's the same problem as FONT FACE, I hope you know ... otherwise follow the example above). You can choose the number of frame per second through the fps parameter. You can choose the plasma (wavelet or elliptic or eye or fluid or devil) and the colors (native or water or rainbow or forest or fire) through the plasma and colors parameters. Here are some examples

 Original Plasma plasma : eye

colors : native

 Water Plasma plasma : wavelet

colors : water

 Rainbow Plasma plasma : elliptic

colors : rainbow

Red Plasma

plasma : devil

colors : fire

The plasma : elliptic and the colors : forest are used in our demo applet.

Of course you can mix as you like (e.g : plasma : fluid colors : native, or plasma : elliptic colors : water ...).

If you do not want to display any text, simply put one blank (" ") in the text parameter. Configurations of PlamaX are many, take time to find them out.

HTML code of the applet:

WIDTH="420" HEIGHT="52">
<PARAM NAME="text"
VALUE="Welcome#This is the PlasmaX Applet#The
Free Psychedelic#Scrolling Applet">
<PARAM NAME="colors" VALUE="forest">
<PARAM NAME="plasma" VALUE="elliptic">
<PARAM NAME="font" VALUE="Helvetica">
<PARAM NAME="size" VALUE="30">
<PARAM NAME="fps" VALUE="20">

Author: JavaZOOM
Java Source: Not available
Download: (7k)
Usage: This applet is free.

PlasmaX received our Silver Award