Description: May the force be with you. Star Wars is back! To support the hype include Storm's StarWarsScroller to your page. Isn't it nice? Choose between 1001 options here, they are all described in the download package by Luke 'Storm' Skywalker. The Star Wars Scroller received our Cool Award.

HTML code of the applet:

<applet code="StarWarsScroller.class" width=400 height=250>
<param name="----copyright---" value="-----notice-----">
<param name="copyright by stefan mateescu" value="1">
<param name="" value="1">
<param name="" value="1">
<param name="-----applet-----" value="-----params-----">
<param name="threadWait" value="20">
<param name="----upscroll----" value="-----params-----">
<param name="backCol" value="#000000">
<param name="textCol" value="#00ccff">
<param name="singleCol" value="0">
<param name="delay" value="0">
<param name="fontfile" value="font01.dat">
<param name="txtfile" value="stwtext.txt">
<param name="offX1" value="60">
<param name="offY1" value="30">
<param name="offX2" value="-100">
<param name="offY2" value="100">
<param name="offX1center" value="0">
<param name="offX2center" value="0">
<param name="------PRO!------" value="-----params-----">
<param name="regCode" value="">
<param name="statusText"
value="StarWarsUpscroller by Stefan Mateescu (">
<param name="clickLink " value="">

Author: Stefan Mateescu
Java Source: Not available
Download: (26k)
Usage: This applet is FREE to use for private purposes. That means you don't need a regCode to use the applet in your own private homepage. BUT, if you don't have a working regCode the applet will add some textlines to the scrolltext with some copyright notices and it will enable a link for the mouseclick to the author's homepage. Also the status text will display some copyright notice! If you want to disable these, you have to register (see more below). For commercial use you have to register. No commercial use of unregistered versions allowed!
Stefan Mateescu

StarWarsScroller received our Cool Award!