Alan's Tree Menu

Description: The tree control applet was originally designed to operate in a narrow frame right or left of the main frame, and to load fresh pages into the main frame only. It can also, however, create new windows, change the contents of its own frame, or move the user to a completely different website. Anchor extensions are permissible. It need not be used in a frame at all. It may even be possible (but practical?) to use it with a long and low shape in a top or bottom frame. The applet works by reading in basic information about the structure of your web site from a text file which must be called 'tree.txt'. This text file must be uploaded and placed in the same directory as the 'tree.class' file (the applet itself). You can configure the applet for your own web site by writing your own text file. Any basic (or advanced) word processor can be used to produce such a text file. A detailed description can be found in the download package. The version above is freeware, the advanced version can be purchased from

HTML code of the applet:

<applet code=tree.class name=tree width=300 height=160>
<param name=title value="SITEMAP">
<param name=color value="3">
<param name=copyright value=" Image Intelligence Ltd. 1998 (">
<param name=keycode value="???">
<param name=info value="This is my own info text.%%Here's another line.">

Used text file: tree.txt

Author: Image Intelligence
Java Source: Not available
Download: (70k)
Usage: Freeware version contains a link to the author.
Professional version can be purchased also.

Functional design, nice scrolling bar.